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Angel store is a subsidiary of crown integrated marketing. A percentage of our net profit goes to charitable causes  and organisations dedicated to the total well-being of the needy. 


We deal in unique fabrics giving you the option to book for bespoke tailoring with our trained top end tailors. We also sell unique fashion accessories, decorative home items and  pre-worn designer clothing donated by stars.


The fabrics are displayed for sale with the tailoring booking options on the consultation page. Collaborations are welcome and large orders for fabrics and bespoke tailoring are also taken.


Please contact us directly for larger orders, to organise a Fashion show or to supply unique fashion items as part of the Angel store family.

Be rest assured that by your patronage, you are making a difference to the welfare of many around the world.

Thank you!



Angel store was founded in 2019 under the name Angel Marketplace mainly as a means to raise funds  for charitable causes. It is a subsidiary of crown integrated marketing and 50% of it's net profit goes to charitable organisations.


The store sells fabrics with an option to book appointments for Bespoke tailoring by our Designer tailors. Also we sell fashion accessories, home accessories, ready made clothes and like-new designer wears donated by dignitaries.

We aim at full customer satisfaction, and promise to go the extra mile to make you happy.

Whether customer or collaborator, with us, your inner and outer beauty finds expression.

Thank You.

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